Charcoal Suit - The Work suit

This is our Charcoal surge, 100% wool, 12oz suit. Single breasted, with two buttons and double vents. 

This is a true English classic and a key element of any gentlemen's wardrobe.


Navy Check Suit - The Play suit 

Here we have our Navy Check, in a 100% worsted wool serge, single breasted with notched lapels.


This is a great celebration suit, with the subtle check, it allows the wearer to have a navy suit that has a great deal of personality when up close to the cloth. 


French Navy Suit - The Wedding suit

This is our French Navy suit, worsted wool, this is a single breasted with two buttons. 

In a tranquil french navy, this is the perfect ensemble for a wedding day suit, whether it's you're own big day or you're an attendee; this suit will make you look as great as you feel.


Navy Suit - The Must Have suit

A navy single breasted three piece suit, in 100% wool with notched lapels.

We at Harland Collier believe that in every well dressed wardrobe there should be, at the bare minimum one of these suits. It is versatile and has the ability to keep up with you in a formal level as well as being a stand out as your regular day to day work suit.


Black Dinner Suit - The Formal suit

This is our black dinner suit, made up of a Mohair and Wool blend, with peaked lapels and a waistcoat that we are able to customise and recut into a horseshoe if preferred.

This traditional suit will make any formal occasion a fond memory.  As well as making any wearer hold themselves with strength and lustre.