Weddings 2021

The most special day of your life deserves the most special suit you'll ever wear. 


Here at Harland Collier we will make sure that you're going to look dapper, stylish, and the most attractive gentlemen in the room. Making your partner's partner of choice is lucky to have you.


We have do ready to wear and bespoke made to measure, with an unbelievable choice of fabrics. This means that you'll be able to choose exactly what you want in the suit.

What we do:c

This is the day that you'll be photographed countless times and will hopefully want to have many of these dotted around the house for years to come.

Because of this we want to make sure that you look the best you possibly can.

What we do:c

As part of the service we provide, we  will help you source shirts, ties, and any other accessories that you may want to wear on the big day.


This can go as far as helping with the colour scheme for you and your groomsman to compliment you and your partner.

As well as helping your groomsmen look just as good (but not quite) as you will on your big day.